Rocksearch Top 16 - Nightwell


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Formed in 2017, post-rock band Nightwell is one of Toronto’s rising alternative bands.

Influenced by 00’s post-hardcore, modern emo and 90’s R&B Nightwell is more than just your average “alt" band. Following recent collaborations with Saxl Rose, and live shows supporting Rarity, Heavy Hearts and Like Pacific. Nightwell released their self titled debut album with Co-Production by Paul-Marc Rousseau (Silverstein) and Sam Guaiana.

The new album, being featured in "Exclaim!" and "Alternative Press" has been raving reviews across North America and the UK. The Record has been featured on Spotifys "New Punk Tracks", "The Scene" and "Ready To Rock" playlists, amassing over 130,000 streams in its first month of release.

Emotions are meant to be felt and the band makes that clear with their performance.

Nightwell is guitarist Cole Hardy, drummer Terrance Pettitt, producer/guitarist Kyle Marchant and vocalist Jason Emsallam.