Rocksearch Top 4 - Live Animals


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Personifying sonic grit and technical musicianship, Canadian hard rock band Live Animals bring the authenticity back to rock n’ roll with their soaring new single, “Uplifting” –– available now!

Live Animals unleash their raw creative energy with the epic first single from their EP, “(ep)iphany.” Electricity pulses right out the gates through the expertly crafted guitar riffs of Spencer Bailey and the exceptionally developed vocal stylings of Andrew Healy, both foundersof Live Animals. Their musical chemistry is on full display with the follow-up to their self-titled debut release.

The band’s distinctive sound results from the over-arching duo-philosophy of respecting the legacy of rock while being fearless in leading it into the future. Live Animals is Toronto-based but has been active in the hard rock music scene across Ontario since its inception. Missing the chance to play more shows in the pre-pandemic world leaves no doubt that Live Animals will be blazing onto the live music circuit with the intensity that the music fans everywhere crave.