• Adam And Joey- 9 Year Basement Family

    The fellas talk about the story of a family from the Netherlands who were recently just discovered as for the past 9 years, a father kept his children locked in a bunker under their house because....of the apocalypse. 

  • The Machine October 16, 2019

    Who Created This Remix? | Hates When People Canoe The Joint | Maybe We Are Funny | Joke Guy's New Gimmick | New Jingle In Sung Ala Bohemian Rhapsody 

  • The Machine October 15, 2019

    Can We Say Whore? | Prime Minister On The 407 | The Birds Work For ??? | Ace Ventura Knew All Along | Canadian Geese Aren't Real.....according to Captain Giraffe Guy 

  • Keep Your Head Up Ep. 2

    The Leafs have lost 3 straight and that incredible 2 game winning streak that started the season is now just a distant memory. How soon is too soon to panic? In Leaf Land, the answer is it's never too soon. 

  • Adam And Joey- 911 Call After Dog Shot Owner

    A dog shot it's owner with their gun. Simple story...but the 911 call makes it that much more wild!

  • Adam And Joey- Judge Joey

    Joey uses his Judge skills to sentence a man compensation for receiving unwanted breasts. 


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