• Adam & Joey: A New Organ Has Been Discovered In Humans

    A new organ has been discovered in the human head.. while doing research on prostates...I dont know how they got their either but Adam & Joey break it all down. Plus no more double cups at Timmies. 
  • Yeah Buddy: Adam vs The Rudest Woman Alive (Not Ashleigh)

    The Buddies are back!! In this episode Ashleighs love of trash tv, Miley Cyrus loves roadside drugs and Adam's interaction with the rudest woman ever leads to his Curb Your Enthusiasm moment. 
  • Reprise of the Machine - Oct 21

    Time to go do dat work Drunk Girl? Flu Shot? What the hell is this? Bob's Grow Mart slaps. Just facts  Hand Eye coordination
  • Soper & Brown: Matt Causes a Lockdown

    We were discussing how a peanut butter sandwich almost caused a lockdown at Soper's kids elementary school last week.  We know allergies are serious but it just seems like such a stretch.  Soper recalled a time long long ago, in an elementary school far far away where he himself was the cause of a lockdown
  • Adam & Joey: Joey Attempts To Rationalize The Miley Cyrus Metallica Cover Album

    Miley Cyrus has announced that she will be releasing a Metallica cover album.. it takes every ounce of Joey's positivity to spin this into something he can live with but he still has MAJOR concerns. Also a CNN reporter got caught whacking it during a zoom meeting so we've got 5 minutes on that haha. 
  • Reprise of the Machine - Oct 20

    A casserole of nonsense awaits! Matt's too sexy for his fracture. Another trivia challenge for Carl?  Noise in the Attic. Folks want a winner!  Is there jealousy between Soper and Brown? 

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