• Adam & Joey: Shark Virgin Birth and The Weirdest Things People Collect

    A shark in Italy has given birth to a baby shark in an aquarium where all of the sharks are female!! Just like Jurassic Park. Also Joey runs down a list of the weirdest things people collect a couple of them are absolutely OUTRAGEOUS! 
  • The Machine - September 21

    A million vacations is what we've got in mind. What's on yours? Let us know 905-682-9797 Bubble Guy!  It's a good day to....start again?  It's ok to not be ok! 
  • Steve [AUDIO]: Stripper Pole School Bus Sends Parents Head's Spinning

    Modern problems require modern solutions; and apparently that means it's now within the realm of possibility that the bus you send your kids to school on may have hosted a bachelor party the Friday night prior with strippers acting as on-board entertainment. I mean, as long as they get there safe, right?
  • Steve [AUDIO]: Scientists Say Bee Stings In The Worst Places Can Yield The Best Results

    The swollen members weren't just a Canadian rap duo. No, they are also now a scientifically established fact; and it's all thanks to the ancient practices of the Egyptians; but before you go making love to a bee hive, it's probably best we establish some ground rules here.
  • Adam vs The Scam Caller

    One of Adam's finest moments comes as he kept a scam caller on the line for nearly 45 minutes!! The boys discuss the triumph. Plus a guy got WAY more than he wanted when reaching for pizza rolls at the grocery store. 
  • The Machine - September 15

    Quit making it so hard for yourself and give us a call if you were walking around nude by the White House of Rock this morning at approximately 4:40am. Just need to know if you're a werewolf. 905-682-9797 Pushing Carl to the limit of obscure wrestling trivia  Mammoth burgers  Closed captioning. A red flag? 

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