• The Machine - January 20

    I don't want to hear from that lousy bear! But we will listen to the rest of the messages you left for us on this Wednesday edition of the Machine. Call for a good time 905-682-9797. How to talk to Shelby? Try being normal. Some clip it from Ash.  "I drive a Buick Century" More text to landline butt's
  • Blue Jays Sign George Springer as Adam Conveniently Changes His Tune On Cheating In Baseball

    The Blue Jays signed one of the biggest free agents not just in franchise history but in Toronto sports history. A former World Series MVP, All Star, and yes he was part of the cheating Houston Astros that won the World Series. Adam has spent the last 3 years absolutely crushing Springer and his now former teammates.. so what will he do now that Springer has joined his beloved birds? 
  • Soper & Brown: Matthew McConaughey - Wrestling Fan

    Great story from Matthew McConaughey. While out promoting his book he discussed his love of wrestling growing up. Including a wrestler that he spit on and got kicked out of a show!  We put Carl to the wrestling test (he passes)  Sure would like to chat with MM. Maybe even test him to a little trivia battle 
  • Should Salad Come Before or After A Meal?

    Adam & Joey debate the merits of eating a salad before vs after a meal. Science also weighs in and one of the men refuses to go along with the science salad agenda.. 
  • The Machine - January 19

    Tuesday edition of the Machine. If you're in the St Thomas area we better hear from you tomorrow. 905-682-9797, dial us up if you're feeling frisky. Chiefs fan text to landline A musical interlude from Big Lonely Bob. We'd love to hear what committed relationship Bob sounds like one day.. Todger Strunk gave us a ring. Text to landline: you know what's a funny word? 
  • Soper & Brown: Dead or Alive?

    We found this insane story out of France this week where a woman was being sued in regards to a cleaning company she owned that folded.  Jeanne Pouchain did not immediately respond to the letters of correspondence for this case. So the plaintiff and French judge declared her dead without medical certification. In 2017!  She's been trying to prove that she's alive ever since. Full article here: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jan/12/french-woman-spends-three-years-trying-to-prove-she-is-not-dead

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