• Adam vs The Scam Caller

    One of Adam's finest moments comes as he kept a scam caller on the line for nearly 45 minutes!! The boys discuss the triumph. Plus a guy got WAY more than he wanted when reaching for pizza rolls at the grocery store. 
  • The Machine - September 15

    Quit making it so hard for yourself and give us a call if you were walking around nude by the White House of Rock this morning at approximately 4:40am. Just need to know if you're a werewolf. 905-682-9797 Pushing Carl to the limit of obscure wrestling trivia  Mammoth burgers  Closed captioning. A red flag? 
  • The Machine - Sept 14

    Deeply reconsider your priorities and give the Machine a call at 905-682-9797 Slipping away in a comfortable chair  I never need to hear Sweet Caroline again Summon the power and come up a little short 
  • Steve [AUDIO]: Numbers Show The Pandemic Has Been Very, Very Good For Corona's Google Searches

    It's the most searched beer of them all. There's no way that is a coincidence. I mean seriously, who googles a beer? It's a common, run of the mill import; and yet, it's ascended up the internet ranks, and users are thirsty for more.
  • Komodo Dragon And Shopping Cart Jerk Fines

    The Komodo Dragon is on the endangered species list and Adam is all kinds of fired up about it. Plus people have found a loophole in leaving their shopping carts in the middle of the parking lot, the boys attempt to close the hole. 
  • The Machine - September 13

    The autumn wind is a raider, pillaging just for fun. Leave your Pirate tips and tricks at 905-682-9797 Get that shneef tested  People make thicc  You were both in the pants, it was ok

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