• Soper & Brown Audio: Ranking Chip situations with Carl Brown

    Are there certain chips for certain situations? Are certain flavors of chip seasonal? What's the best chip for a funeral?  All these questioned answered by Chip Lord Brown  
  • Joey Bricks: Full Interview with Michel 'Away' Langevin of Voivod

    We talk about the writing process for Voivod's latest record 'Synchro Anarchy', Michel's creation process for the artwork of the band, Canadian metal and why Quebec has such a technical and progressive sound, the band's original goal when they first started and a cool story with Voivod opening up for Rush. Catch them June 3rd at the Phoenix Concert Theater in Toronto.
  • Steve [AUDIO]: Scientists Say All The Fish Near Florida are Stoned

    The problems of the sunshine state have begun to leech into the water; and I think it's safe to say none of us are surprised. Anyways, who wants to go fishing?
  • Steve [AUDIO]: The Post-Work Beer Rules Have Changed

    We all have that coworker we can only be around because we're paid to be. Now, thanks to one ruling, you may have to invite them for drinks on your own time; though that could come with some serious upside.
  • Soper & Brown Show Audio: Clip It

    Thanks to HTZ nation for another great week on the show. Thanks to KW for helping us gather all these time stamps and clips.  We're easy to find on socials @soperradio and @carlbrown977 or by email soper@htzfm.com and brown@htzfm.com 
  • Soper & Brown Show Audio: We chat with William Shatner

    We put this one out in the universe. It was a big ask. We didn't think he'd talk about Hydrogen gas as much as he did but dammit, we got him! William Shatner chatted with Soper & Brown about space, his music, his motorcycle? And yes, about the Niagara Falls Comic Con that he will be attending June 3-5. 

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