Did you figure the Joeccordion before the original song started playing?

  • Joeccordion- #1

    I do a contest on the afternoon show called "JOECCORDIAN", where I perform a clip of a song that we play on HTZ-FM, but on the accordion. You tell me the band and song and you could win!

    Can you figure out what this Joeccordian is?

  • Tribute To Jeff Mckinnon AKA Uncle Jack

    Uncle Jack was set to be our next announcer for the HTZ-FM team. Unfortunately Jack passed away before he could make his dream come true of becoming a HTZ-FM Radio Announcer. 
    So we took some of Uncle Jack's previous breaks he recorded for the station and I aired one of his breaks on my afternoon show so he can officially make the airwaves for HTZ-FM.

    R.I.P. Jeff "Uncle Jack" Mckinnon

  • S&B Draft Analysis: One Hit Wonders

    is this the best draft yet? Carl returns and the panel of Jonathon's are incredibly impressed with what the boys came up with

  • Noise In the Attic Winning Audio with S&B

    $3000 on the line and Soper & Brown had to push this contest into a rapid fire scenario. 3 weeks of calls all leads to this - Amanda from Smithville; do you know the noise in the attic?

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