• The Machine - June 21

    Call anytime at 905-682-9797, leave us the best of your worst Karen Karenson More Horns Nick Kroll? Nahhhhh
  • Steve [AUDIO]: We Now Know Exactly How Many Beers We Have To Drink To Save The Restaurant Industry

    This is what we practice for. This is why we play the game. Are you just going to pack up your liver and head home? At a time like this? I don't think so. Now that we know exactly what must be done, it's time to get to work. The restaurant business is counting on you, and you alone have the power to save it.
  • Adam & Joey: Is The Batman A Generous Lover?

    Hotly debated on twitter right now is Batman a generous lover? Would he 'take care of Catwoman? Poison Ivy? Harley Quinn? The debate is fierce but Adam and Joey do their best to get to the bottom of it. Plus a dad just trying to cut his lawn find 2 youths banging in the grass! 
  • The Machine - June 18

    Gotta bring your A game to make the cut on a Friday Machine - lets see who's cuisine reigns supreme. 905-682-9797, call us anytime and leave something derogatory.  Horns, oh man, so many horns  Bubble Guy - looking for a remix A Carl impression Brown goes superhuman on wrestling trivia/intuition
  • Soper & Brown: Clip It!

    Absolutely packed week of shows. Thanks to everyone who left a time stamp on the Machine or sent us an email, insta msg, text. However you reached us we appreciate it.  Enjoy the weekend,  Soper & Brown
  • Adam & Joey: RIP Victoria Secret Angels

    The Victoris Secret Angels are no more. Adam and Joey mourn the loss. Plus a guy spends a 16 hour flight sitting in front of his now 2 former girlfriends that found out about one another the night before. And Llamas.. wtf? 

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