• Steve [AUDIO]: The Internet Wants Grapes To Be The New Governor General

    Look, this is obviously going to cause a lot of fighting in the comment section, and I'm here for it; but it this a good idea? Probably not (By probably not, I mean no. It isn't). But is turning a part of our government into a massive troll job something that would be irrevocably entertaining? Hell yes; and at this point, who couldn't use a little more entertainment in their life?
  • Adam & Joey React: Godzilla V Kong Trailer

    It's the fight of the century.. Godzilla vs Kong who ya got and why? 
  • The Machine - January 25

    A Monday edition of the Machine. Strap in, frost your tips and lets see where this takes us. Call anytime 905-682-9797 Goats for Governor General? Sure Thunderstruck has been ruined (or improved?) for some folks New Soper and Brown intro - these folks did their research Text to Landline - 2000 of us on a boat. Who's driving? Bruce Willis, of course   
  • Steve [AUDIO]: A Message to Bills Mafia

    Guys, we've come this far. Why stop now? Why not us? It's become clear that Bills Mafia are God's children, and unfortunately, that means that Patrick Mahomes and his band of big, dumb, idiot teammates must be smited (smoten?)
  • Steve [AUDIO]: Science Says Being a Leafs Fan Makes You a Better Person

    Loyalty is something that needs to be tested. Something that can only be proven through sticking around after difficult times. There has been a study released that says a strong sense of community is born out of this loyalty, and that it's strongest amongst groups like Leafs fans.
  • The Machine - January 22

    Thinking about calling an ex? Call us instead 905-682-9797. Here's a Friday edition of the Machine.  "The doctor wasn't all there" - seek a second opinion!! The return of Blobert The return of Karen Karenson (she gets Carl hot and bothered)  

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