• This Guy Is Hosting A Ghost Orgy For Halloween

    Yup. The man says things have gotten a little stale with he and his ghost girlfriend of almost 2 years so what better way to spice things up than with a ghost swingers party? Also Kanye West got Kim Kardashian a hologram of her dead father for her birthday. Rich people man. 
  • Scaredy Cats 5 - Doctor Sleep

    Adam and Shelby are back for another installment of Scaredy Cats where they talk about Horror movies they hadn't yet seen. This week Stephen King's Doctor Sleep. The sequel to the Shining. What did the Scaredy Cats think? Should you watch it? All answers within. 
  • Reprise of the Machine - Oct 30

    We hear from the Daughter of the Shadow Gov? Seriously?  Who changed the Mr. Furnace commercial?  Is Carl seriously going to do this sexy honey role?  Silver and Tarnish - spooky and disappointed Text to Landline lady is in for the Zoom orgy. But she has 1 request: Selene   
  • A Guy Fell Into A Sinkhole Full of Rats, Another Guy Sued Canada Dry and Adams Not Happy With Flying Cars

    A guy in New York was minding his own business when he found himself in a real life horror movie. A guy from BC sued Canada Dry for false advertising and won but not on the grounds Joey Bricks thought. And Adam is happy there are flying cars being released but he is overall disapointed. 
  • Reprise of the Machine - Oct 29

    I'm too drunk to taste this chicken - welcome to another addition of the Machine Ok, it was Yoda. Good to know The Carl Brown sexy honey roll fund is open Drunk Girl calls, hangs up, calls back and demands the return of LIME SKITTLES NOW The Zoom orgy is filling up fast. Reserve your space now! 
  • Soper & Brown: KFC Fire Log

    We've discussed a bunch of KFC "scented" products on the show and we both agree that this might be their most viable.  The KFC Fire log is launching to warm your home and send you running for a bucket of dirty bird.  Better than the crocs or a candle by far. 

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