Soper & Brown Audio: New Age Carl


A couple of HTZ legends get together and combined to make this: New Age Carl

Trevor from Sons of Butcher and Guitar Dude. A couple of weeks ago New Age Girl by Deadeye Dick came up on the show. Now this collaboration exists. 

LYRICS: (by Guitar Dude)

I've got a new age Carl

(Tell us what he's like)

He's got a tiny penis

(Air Cap for a bike)

His heads a watermelon

(The ladys wanna taste)

But he's happily married

(Their energy's a waste)

His bald head is shining it's reflecting in the sun

He's just thinking to himself 'I'm a handsome son of a '

Carl brown!!

He's a sexy radio host

Carl Brown

Niagara's thirst trap!

He'll never be alone

all the girls wanna bone

his only long Weiner is a Dachshund Dog