Bradley says rumours of amalgamation are just rumours at this point


The Regional Chair is not giving much credibility to rumours of amalgamation for the Niagara Region.

Jim Bradley says he has heard the rumours but at this point they are just that, "Rumours are circulated by people who would like to see that happen more than anything else." He adds,  "I have not seen any indication that the province is moving in that direction."

Following a governance review in 2019 Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister Steve Clark said they province was abandoning any idea of amalgamation for the region.

During the latest provincial election campaign former Liberal leader Steven Del Duca said that the Ford government was planning amalgamation if they were re-elected.

In the meantime Bradley says the region and municipalities will stick to the task at hand, "We will continue to work hard to find efficiencies and work together and I think that would be pleasing to the provincial government."

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