District School Board of Niagara hires Human Rights Advisor


The District School Board of Niagara has hired a Human Rights Advisor.

Maryam Safdar Ali has been appointed to the new role, and will begin the role next month.

Ali is a lawyer who began her studies at York University with a double major in Human Rights and Equity studies, and Law and Society.

She will help implement recommendations in the DSBN’s Equity Audit Action Plan, which is working to build a culture of respect for the principles of human rights and equity within the DSBN.

Ali will also have a role in identifying and eliminating systemically based human rights and equity issues.

“Education and awareness are essential. Canada is such a diverse nation, and by increasing our understanding of diversity, inclusion, anti-racism and equity, I think we can truly succeed towards building a society that celebrates the individual as an individual, as well as celebrates the whole society,” said Ali.

“In education, we’re always thinking about how impactful we can be on future generations. It’s our students who will be the ones to influence meaningful, long-term change, and Maryam Safdar Ali will support us in providing them with the right foundation to learn and advance their ideas, interests, and understanding of the world,” said DSBN Director of Education Warren Hoshizaki.

“I believe we all have a responsibility to promote equity, inclusion, diversity, and anti-racism,” said Ali. “Everyone should feel included and respected in their community, and it’s important that we continue learning to appreciate what makes us different from one another, and what brings us together as a community.”


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