Ford defends decision to name nephew minister of multiculturalism

mike ford

Ontario Premier Doug Ford is defending his decision to name his nephew minister of citizenship and multiculturalism.

Ford was asked about the appointment today in his first news conference since he introduced his new, 30-person cabinet last week.

The premier says his nephew Michael Ford has ``extensive experience,'' having previously served on Toronto city council and as a school trustee.

The cabinet presented Friday has many ministers in the same roles they held under Doug Ford's last government, including in key files such as housing and education.

Among the changes was the appointment of former solicitor general Sylvia Jones as deputy premier and health minister.

There were also a few new faces aside from Michael Ford, including Michael Kerzner, a bioscience and technology entrepreneur elected in York Centre named Solicitor General, and Graydon Smith, the former mayor of Bracebridge, Ont., who will serve as minister of natural resources and forestry.

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