Green Party leader concerned about animals at Marineland


The leader of Ontario's Green Party is concerned about the treatment of whales and dolphins at Marineland in Niagara Falls.

Mike Schreiner released a statement today in response to reports of marine mammals in distress at the park.

“The practice of keeping whales and dolphins in captivity is unethical and cruel. It must end."

The Canadian Press is reporting that a recent inspection by Animal Welfare Services shows that marine mammals at Marineland are in distress due to poor water quality, however Marineland denies those accusations.

Animal activists have also been sharing recent video of Kiska, the park's only orca, saying she looks depressed and calling her the 'loneliest orca.'

Canada passed a bill in 2019 that bans the capture of wild cetaceans, captive breeding and the import and export of those animals, with limited exceptions. It allows for the rehabilitation and rescues.

Marineland moved five of its Beluga whales to a U.S. aqaurim in May.

The park opened in July for its 60th season in business.

Its current owner, Marie Holer, issued an update on Marineland's website saying they will be making some positive changes this year and beyond, and will be  bringing in an experienced park operations consultant, with expertise in managing complex facilities that are in transition. 

She says they are finalizing a partnership with a well respected, accredited, international organization that is dedicated to the welfare and conservation of aquatic species to help Marineland enhance the park teaching and educational focused programming. 

Marie, is the widow of former owner, John Holer, who died in 2018 at the age of 83.

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