Handful of coyote sightings in Lincoln


The town of Lincoln is asking residents to be careful around wildlife following a handful of coyote sightings.

Officials are telling residents that if they encounter a coyote to pick up small children and pets, never run from or turn your back on a coyote/domestic dog, wave your arms above your head, and be big and loud while yelling 'Go Away'.

You can also use hazing techniques such as shaking car keys, popping an umbrella, throwing an object in the direction of the coyote.

Town officials also reminding residents to be a good visitor and "leave no trace" when visiting outdoor parks and trails.

When coyote sightings increase many times these sightings are due to humans intentionally or unintentionally providing a food source.

Making sure your yard is clean of any pet food, bird seed or trash is also advised.