Marineland walrus gives birth to baby calf

CKTB NEWS | Baby smooshie

Marineland's walrus Smooshi has delivered a baby calf. 

Marineland reports the calf was born June 1st and is so far doing well. 

The marine mammal team says mother walruses are fiercely protective of their offspring, and can make care challenging following a delivery. 

They say they are providing round the clock care, as necessary. 

Smooshi became pregnant in early 2019. 

Walruses have a gestation period of fifteen to sixteen months.

Marineland says they consulted with walrus experts to prepare for the live birth and to provide Smooshi with the best care possible during her pregnancy.

Smooshie and her relationship with former trainer Phil Demers was the focus of a recent documentary The Walrus and the Whistleblower which is part of the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival.