Ontario leaders promise to repeal legislation that caps public sector wage increases

bill 124

Ontario Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca says repealing a bill that caps public sector compensation increases would be his top legislative priority if he is premier.

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath is also taking aim at Bill 124 today, saying she would repeal it and allow workers to bargain for fair wages again.

Horwath says the legislation disrespected workers such as teachers and nurses.

The Progressive Conservative government introduced the legislation in 2019, limiting compensation increases in public-sector contracts to one per cent a year.

The provisions were to be in effect for three years, and the Tories said in 2019 that it was a time-limited approach to helping eliminate the deficit.

Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford has said that when the next contracts expire he would sit down and ``fairly negotiate.''

Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner has also said he would repeal the legislation.