Ontario won't be seeing the COVID-19 vaccines in early 2021


Canada can't be last in line to receive shipments of vaccines.

That's what Doug Ford had to say today after learning the timeline for a COVID-19 vaccine arrival in Canada is not what the province's health minister had been suggesting. 

Christine Elliott says Ontario is no longer expecting to receive vaccines in early 2021, because the deals for the vaccines haven't been finalized by the federal government. 

Ford, who has a conference call with the Prime Minister and other Premier's tonight, says he'll be looking for answers. 

"We have a lot of questions to ask.  When are we getting it? What are we getting, as there are different vaccines, and how much are we getting?  Three simple questions that we need answers for."   

Ford says province's need to know critical information because distributing the vaccine he says will be "the largest logistical challenge that this country has even seen in a generation."