Puppy found missing a paw at garbage dump in Niagara will need a prosthetic


A puppy found at a regional landfill in West Lincoln will need a prosthetic leg.

The three-month-old bulldog mix was discovered earlier this week at the garbage dump with a missing back paw.

Niagara SPCA Animal Services was called in to help the pup out.

Officials say the paw appears to have been amputated, but staff are unsure exactly how the injury was

Despite the missing paw, the puppy is in good spirits and is enjoying all the attention he’s receiving from shelter staff.

Veterinarians have determined that his treatment will involve a fitted prosthetic instead of amputation in order to minimize stress on his joints as he gets bigger.

The rehabilitation and prosthetics (the puppy will likely need 2 or 3 replacements as he grows), is estimated to cost upward of $7000.

The Niagara SPCA is grateful for the community concern that has been shown so far.

Dubbed "Trooper", a name suggested by the landfill staff who discovered him, will be part of the newly launched Niagara SPCA program "Specially-Abled Pets”, says Niagara SPCA Executive Director John Greer.

Donations toward “Trooper’s” care can be made online and in person at the SPCA’s Welland or Niagara Falls shelters.