This man is trying to find the Canadian family who helped him immigrate and escape civil war


A Calgary man is looking for a group of people who helped him immigrate to Canada nearly three decades ago.

Ivo Ceko, a Croatian Canadian, says he met a small group of Canadians and Americans when he was a security guard at a hotel in central Bosnia in the summer of 1994.

He says he jokingly asked a woman in the group to get him a Canadian passport, as the country struggled through a brutal civil war.

Ceko says he received a brown envelope three weeks later with blank Canadian immigration forms and a pair of socks inside.

He applied after filing those documents two years later and arrived in Canada in March 1997.

Ceko says he is looking to find the group to let them know he hasn't forgotten what they did for his family and to thank them for an ``act of kindness that changed our lives.''