Truck Safety Blitz in Lincoln targeted trucks avoiding QEW inspection by taking back roads


The town of Lincoln and the MTO teamed up for a truck safety blitz this week.

Ministry of Transportation officers focused on bypass routes (both Regional and Town roads) throughout the community for truck traffic avoiding the inspection station on the QEW between Vineland and Beamsville in Lincoln.
Several vehicles had specific business on the routes, but those determined to be bypassing were brought back to the inspection station for full inspection.

27 commercial vehicles were stopped, 13 vehicles were inspected, 8 Provincial Offence Notices were laid for various issues found, 6 vehicles were placed out of service for mechanical issues, and 1 license plate was seized for mechanical defects.

“I am very pleased at the results of the recent safety blitz, a product of the continued collaboration between the Town of Lincoln and the MTO,” said Town of Lincoln Mayor Sandra Easton. “A special thank you to the MTO for taking the initiative to visit Lincoln this spring and for your commitment to our community – we look forward to continuing this partnership and working towards our common goal of road safety for everyone.”
“We have heard residents’ concerns about road safety and are proactively addressing what matters most to community members,” said the Town’s Chief Administrative Officer Michael Kirkopoulos. “Through these collaborative initiatives and consistent enforcement, we will continue to see a reduction of truck traffic in core areas of Lincoln.”