MPs get ready for summer break

parliament hill

MPs will head off on the summer barbecue circuit today after a tumultuous spring sitting coloured by polarized politics and another Conservative leadership race.
But they venture off without worry of a summer of election preparations for the first time in four years, as the NDP-Liberal confidence and supply agreement leaves little risk the minority government will topple any time soon.
NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh says things have gone as he hoped _ but he plans to push the government to do more to help inflation-weary Canadians.
Liberal MP Rob Oliphant says the agreement put some ``spring'' back into the step of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, while setting the Conservatives adrift.
Conservative House Leader John Brassard says the deal changed the dynamics for his party, which suddenly found itself on the outside of many negotiations about Parliamentary proceedings.
Despite the stability, movement on Liberal bills is still slow.

Just four new bills have passed since January so far.

Another two may pass before MPs rise for the summer later today.

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