FKA Twigs On Her Mental Health: 'It's OK Not To Feel Amazing'


FKA twigs says she is learning “it’s okay not to feel amazing all the time.”

The singer, whose new single is titled “Sad Day,” opened up about her mental health in an interview with BBC Radio 1.

"It’s becoming apparent as I get older and as I get to know myself,” she said. “It’s okay for me, as a woman of colour, not to feel like a Nubian queen all the time, who’s perfectly sitting on my throne of greatness.”

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FKA twigs (aka 31-year-old Tahliah Barnett) said being okay all the time is “just not my reality.” She added: “I know that I’m still perfect the way that I am, and I know that I still can do whatever I want, and I can dream big and I can achieve my dreams.

“And that has nothing to do with my completeness in the moment.”

The artist spoke about the perfect images of female pop stars she once idolized.

“I grew up with these amazing women standing there in a sparkly outfit, hair blowing in a wind machine, fist pumping in this moment when they appear on stage,” she recalled. “That’s amazing and it's so valid but it's just not how I am.”

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health, click here to talk to someone.