Pearl Jam Shares Special Moment With Terminally Ill Fan


Pearl Jam stopped its concert in Berlin on Tuesday to give a special fan his moment in the spotlight.

Roland Mandel bought tickets to see Pearl Jam at the Waldbühne when their tour was announced in 2019 – and then held on to the tickets when the show was postponed due to the pandemic.

Last year, Mandel was diagnosed with ALS and told he had only months to live. Confined to a wheelchair, he was determined to see Pearl Jam.

Problem was, the Waldbühne’s limited spaces for disabled fans were all reserved. A social media campaign and appeals to the state-owned venue resulted in Mandel being allowed to take a spot next to the stage.

After performing a cover of the Ramones’ “I Believe in Miracles,” Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder brought Mandel and his family out on stage.

“He should also experience this special sight,” Vedder said, as the crowd of 22,000 cheered. “He worked his ass off to be here tonight.

“This is Roland, everybody.”

After posing for photos with Mandel, Vedder said: “We love you, Roland.”

According to German outlet Taz, Mandel’s wife called the moment “unbelievable.” She said: “He was so excited, so positive, so full of adrenaline. This stays for eternity.”

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