Why October 13th Matters In Rock History


It’s October 13th and here are some reasons why this day matters in rock history:

- In 1973, The Rolling Stones started a four-week run at No. 1 on the album chart with Goats Head Soup, their fourth album to top the charts.

- In 1998, Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Center opens in Antigua. 

- In 2008, in a video message on his website, Ringo Starr announced that he no longer has the time to sign autographs and asked fans not to send him any mail.

- In 2000, Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder was one of the performers at a rally for Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader at New York’s Madison Square Garden. Beastie Boy Adam Yauch and Radiohead’s Thom Yorke were among those in the crowd of 18,000 that attended the event.

- And in 2002, Muse took legal action against Canada’s Céline Dion after she announced that her forthcoming Las Vegas show would be called Muse. The group said they didn’t want anyone thinking they were her backing band. 

And that’s what happened today in rock history.

Original article by Dave Basner at iHeartRadio