New Costco at Niagara Square will be great for the city, says Mayor Diodati


Niagara Falls Mayor Jim Diodati will tell you it's been a great week for the city.

That's partly because Infrastructure Ontario listed the South Niagara Hospital project in their market update, which Diodati believes will generate some positive momentum towards that project coming to fruition.

Diodati says the municipality will continue to work alongside the province to reinforce the fact that the new hospital is a priority.

Yet another reason for excitement is what's happening over at Niagara Square.

The wrecking ball is out at the old shopping centre to clear the way for a new Costco.

Mayor Diodati says the surrounding businesses will benefit greatly from all the extra traffic the large wholesale store will generate.

In response to infrastructure concerns, Diodati says the new growth with provide much needed funds to update the road infrastructure and fix existing issues.

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