Niagara College receives two Minister's Awards of Excellence

nc assess hub

Niagara College is celebrating after it received two Minister’s Awards of Excellence for its Accessibility Hub project, and Feed the Community program.

Earlier today, staff and faculty members from the college won two Awards of Excellence from the Minister of Colleges and Universities. 

A team of staff behind the College’s open-source, digital Accessibility Hub, was presented with an award in the Equality of Opportunity category for creating opportunities for marginalized or underrepresented groups. 

Also honoured was Chef Professor Olaf Mertens, who was presented with an Everyday Heroes award for stepping up and making a difference through his leadership of NC’s Feed the Community initiative.

“Niagara College is incredibly proud to see the extraordinary work of our staff and faculty being celebrated with a Minister’s Award of Excellence,” said NC President Sean Kennedy. “The provincial recognition of Chef Olaf Mertens and the collaborative team behind the Accessibility Hub are shining examples of excellence in teaching and learning at NC.”

Niagara College’s two awards were among 22 selected out of more than 540 nominations received.

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