Olympic gold medal winner from St. Catharines awarded key to the city

Kristen Kit Key

Kristen Kit has been given the Key to the City by St. Catharines Mayor Walter Sendzik.

Kit was the coxswain as the women's eight rowing team captured Olympic gold last summer in Tokyo.

Mayor Sendzik says, "Her inspiring performance steered Canada to a win on the rowing world's biggest stage, fulfilling a lifelong dream and shining a bright light on women's rowing and her hometown of St. Catharines. She is a role model and inspiration in sport - especially for the next generation of rowers who will begin their rowing careers on Martindale Pond as she did."

Kit was also recently recognized as co-recipient of the 2021 St. Catharines Athlete of the Year Award alongside long distance runner Mohammed Ahmed, who won silver for Canada at 2021 Olympics.

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