Regional Chair condemns vandalism at St. Catharines Mayor's home


Niagara's Regional Chair is condemning recent vandalism targeting politicians.

Jim Bradley says he is disappointed to hear of another instance of vandalism against an elected official in Niagara after the Mayor of St. Catharines Walter Sendzik was targeted overnight.

"This behaviour is unacceptable and does nothing but denigrate our public discourse and serve to divide us as a community. I will be clear: I condemn all of these actions in the strongest possible terms. "

St. Catharines Councillor Mat Siscoe tells CKTB's Tom McConnell it may be time for taxpayers to foot the bill for some security measures at the private homes of politicians.

"Things like this happen, and it's terrifying because you start to wonder what could of pushed that person to take it one step farther. Then all of a sudden it's someone terrorizing the Mayor's family. Maybe for politicians at a certain level some form of a security system. If you would have asked me this five days ago I would have says absolutely not, but all of a sudden it's a real concern."

Siscoe says his heart breaks for Sendzik's family.

Click here to read more about the incident at the Mayor's home.

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