Welland wants region to pump the brakes on region-wide transit system vote

welland city

Welland is asking the Niagara Region to delay a vote on a region-wide transit system.

Welland Council is asking for the region to wait on the triple majority vote on a consolidated transit system until 2023.

Officials say they would like to see updated financial information before moving forward.

"The City of Welland is committed to fully supporting the enhancement of public transit services throughout the Niagara Region," said Steve Zorbas, CAO. "However, out of an abundance of caution for those who have been hit hard by the pandemic, staff believe there needs to be further work performed on the ridership modelling, commensurate service levels, and capital investments, which should be undertaken before a 2023 implementation date."

Welland is also concerned about levels of transit service, and representation on the commission board.

"The latest governance strategy model continues to disadvantage the City by providing only a single vote. Additionally, the disproportionate representation does not capture the investment Welland has committed to its residents for almost five decades and the City's dynamic growth."


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