Adam & Joey

Adam & Joey

  • Kids Trying To Become Spider-man & A Real Life Mario Kart Situation

    3 Kids in Bolivia let a blakc widow bite them in hopes of gaining spiderman like powers.. did it work? Maybe. Also a guy in South Carolina had a turtle come through his windsheild. 
  • Meet Adam's New Fish - Finn Balor

    Any tips for helping this guy thrive? He seems to be loving life early. He's got some cool stuff in his tank plus a heater and filter.. what else does he need? 
  • No Screaming Roller Coasters

    Japan is reopening it's theme parks but things in a Covid-19 world are going to be different. Some of the guidelines for reopening include smaller daily capacity, socially distanced lines, conession stand appointments and NO SCREAMING ON THE RIDES!! Gotta watch out for those droplets. 
  • Superman & Machetes

    Henry Cavill is back to play Superman at least a few more times and Joey is VERY excited about the man of steel, Adam is less enthused. Plus a reminder for anyone planning on wielding a machete as part of some sexy roleplaying fantasy to double check the person you met onlines address or you may end up in the wrong house..  
  • Anna Kendrick and The Poop Lizards

    A misunderstanding leads Joey to believe Pitch Perfect star and all around babe Anna Kendrick has died. Plus a lizard breaks a world record for pooping without actually doing any. Is it just The Guiness Book of World Records shamelessly pandering to its preteen audience? Adam and Joey have some theories. 
  • The NHL is coming back - Everything You Need To Know

    NHL Commisioner Gary Bettman laid out the NHL's 4 phase plan for restarting the season. Which is kind of a misnomer as he announced the regular season is over as of March 11th and the return to play will be the playoffs. 24 teams qualify the remaining 7 will be entered into the draft lottery. Adam & Joey have all the rest of the pertinant information including the Leafs play in series opponent.