Adam & Joey

Adam & Joey

Photo credit: Laura Garbutt

  • Blue Jays Sign George Springer as Adam Conveniently Changes His Tune On Cheating In Baseball

    The Blue Jays signed one of the biggest free agents not just in franchise history but in Toronto sports history. A former World Series MVP, All Star, and yes he was part of the cheating Houston Astros that won the World Series. Adam has spent the last 3 years absolutely crushing Springer and his now former teammates.. so what will he do now that Springer has joined his beloved birds? 
  • Should Salad Come Before or After A Meal?

    Adam & Joey debate the merits of eating a salad before vs after a meal. Science also weighs in and one of the men refuses to go along with the science salad agenda.. 
  • Joey's Sea Shanty // Tesla Ghost // Snake Bop

    In the latest afternoon delight Joey regales us with a beautiful sea shanty. A Tesla driving though a graveyard may have given us our best evidence ever of the existence of ghosts. Plus Adam & Joey learn a new word and something interesting about snakes. 
  • Space Wine & The OnlyFans Bubble Bursts

    Elon Musk is bringing "Space Aged Wine" back from the International Space Station in one of his fancy rockets. In fact the first commericail cargo space craft.. which is wild. How will the legs be? The body? The nose? We'll find out. Plus are there too many hot ladies in the world? And if so are they causing the bubble to burst on Onlyfans? Adam and Joey dive in deep.. for science.. 
  • YEAH BUDDY: The Buddies Are Back In Town!

    The buddies are back in 2021!! They're talking perspective on 2021, Covid, Armie Hammer Cannibal allegations, professional athlete fiscal responsibility, social media, reality tv and oh so much more. 
  • That Alleged Story That Armie Hammer Is A Cannibal

    Soooo this is crazy... but theres a story out today where a woman alleges that actor Armie Hammer not only told her he wanted to eat her flesh but admitted to being a full on cannibal and he has not said a world to deny it. Obviously it's all alleged but WOW what a story.. Plus A woman in Quebec tried to beat the curfew by walking her husband on a leash.