Adam & Joey

Adam & Joey

Photo credit: Laura Garbutt

  • Beaver Attack / TNF / Sucker Punched By Sasquatch

    A beaver nearly killed a man in New England, Jamaal Williams has a refreshing take on transitioning from one team to another in pro sports and a guy claims his friend was knocked out by Sasquatch. 
  • Adam & Joey: Shark Virgin Birth and The Weirdest Things People Collect

    A shark in Italy has given birth to a baby shark in an aquarium where all of the sharks are female!! Just like Jurassic Park. Also Joey runs down a list of the weirdest things people collect a couple of them are absolutely OUTRAGEOUS! 
  • Adam vs The Scam Caller

    One of Adam's finest moments comes as he kept a scam caller on the line for nearly 45 minutes!! The boys discuss the triumph. Plus a guy got WAY more than he wanted when reaching for pizza rolls at the grocery store. 
  • Komodo Dragon And Shopping Cart Jerk Fines

    The Komodo Dragon is on the endangered species list and Adam is all kinds of fired up about it. Plus people have found a loophole in leaving their shopping carts in the middle of the parking lot, the boys attempt to close the hole. 
  • Adam & Joey Join A Cult

    Complicated times for Adam & Joey. The question is posed how many beers would it take for Joey to hook up with Adam if he were a woman. Plus Joey joins a cult and tries to recruit Adam. 
  • Naked Woman Crashes Golf Cart Into Police Car During Standoff She Wasn't Involved In

    Florida has truly outdone itself on this one. A Woman naked driving a golf cart wasted crashed into a police car while the unit was on scene with a several other officers dealing with a standoff involving a man with a gun on a rooftop. Wild stuff. Plus Joey tries to make friends with someone who sent him a message to the wrong number.