Adam Ricard


Adam has been on the receiving end of high fives from such notable rock n roll figures as Dave Grohl, Billie Joe Armstrong, John Paul Jones and Matt Bellamy. He's an accomplished fantasy football player and the owner of 2 weiner dogs. 

Photo credit: Laura Garbutt

  • YEAH BUDDY! Someone (Ashleigh) Has Trapped Gas

    Ashleigh just cant fart. Potential Songs of the year for 2020. Never look on the back of potato chip bags. Delete your emails. Car needs a cleaning. Vinegar. THE BEST part of Cyber Monday. And Getting stoned. YEAHHHHHH BUDDY. 
  • YEAH BUDDY: Ashleigh Hates The Best Albums Of All Time

    This week on YEAH BUDDY week one with Bandit the dog, working from home, bad doctors, vaccines and the Buddies debate the merits of Rolling Stones Top 500 Albums of all time.. 
  • YEAH BUDDY: The Merits of Elevated Dancing

    On this episode of YEAH BUDDY Ashleigh & Adam discuss the merits of dancing on bars and tables, Ashleigh has HUGE news, Adam met the man he aspires to be, the buddies discuss the new netflix documentary "The Social Dilemma". YEAHHHHH BUDDY! 
  • YEAH BUDDY: Ashleigh On OnlyFans????

    Ashleigh and Adam are back after a couple weeks vacation. They talk about their time off.. Adam's Stay-cation and Ashleigh's trip to Alberta. Plus... Is Ashleigh joining Onlyfans????  See for privacy information.
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    We've got a noise machine! Ashleigh is very excited about it. We've talking hot peppers, why US politics are so much more entertaining than Canadian politics and adults making excuses. Adam's had enough. 
  • Yeah Buddy w/ Ashleigh & Adam - Celebrities On Drugs

    YEAHHHHH BUDDY!! We're back baybeeeeeeeeee. Ashleigh and Adam return with YEAH BUDDY. Animal facts, Tik Tok, Social Media trend pressure, bed poops,  Johnny Depp vs Elon Musk and sober celebrities being less fun. This episode is 20 minutes and 2 seconds and man do they cover A LOT! Good to be back!