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A little firecracker who’s seen Guns N Roses, Motley Crue, and Def Leppard more than 10 times combined!!  Ashleigh gives you her millennial rock chick perspective on everything from great bands to Tinder horror stories.


Photo credit: Laura Garbutt

  • YEAH BUDDY! Someone (Ashleigh) Has Trapped Gas

    Ashleigh just cant fart. Potential Songs of the year for 2020. Never look on the back of potato chip bags. Delete your emails. Car needs a cleaning. Vinegar. THE BEST part of Cyber Monday. And Getting stoned. YEAHHHHHH BUDDY. 
  • YEAH BUDDY: Sometimes It's Just Good To Vent.. So Lets Vent.

    Adam & Ashleigh agree this pandemic sucks. Season depression is setting in. People are being dicks. Tech companies are F-ing us over. Lots to bitch about so lets do it.. lets just get it all out.. the buddies swear a lot in this one. Oh and we get a scammer call right in the middle of recording. 
  • YEAH BUDDY: Ashleigh Pukes On Someones Brunch

    YEAH BUDDY is back! The buddies are talking about the consequences of underage drinking, gender reveals, surprise weddings, gators, Ashleigh puking on someones brunch and Adam's Zellers enduced trauma. 
  • YEAH BUDDY: It's Hallowe'en in POO-keepsie, New York

    YEAH BUDDY!! The buddies are back for another edition of your favourite podcast YEAHHHH BUDDY. Buddies are talking Hallowe'en movies, Hallowe'en decor, bad reality tv, vape pens, misbehaving dogs, vintage lunches and spending money like a sultan.