Joey Bricks

CHTZ - Joey Bricks

Our resident metal head HTZ-FM roadie got himself a gig on the radio. On top of getting sent to do silly stunts, and making you fill out prize ballots at HTZ-FM events, Joey Bricks kicks it on air weekday afternoons!

  • Are you Superstitious or a Little Stitious?

    It's Friday the 13th! Are someone who looks forward to this day or dreads it? The fear of Friday the 13th is called "Friggatriskaidekaphobia" I tell you my superstition, so tell me yours. 
  • Joey Bricks: Full Interview with Lips from Anvil

    We talk about Anvil's upcoming record 'Impact Is Imminent' and their album release show at Jeffros BBQ in Niagara Falls on May 20th. We also get into Anvil on the road, writing music during the pandemic, underground metal and Lips' classic vibrator gimmick at every live show. 
  • Humans Dog Beds and Getting Stuck in an Outhouse

    There's a new dog bed that's meant for humans but it's literally just a glorified bean bag chair. A women lost her phone in an outhouse, tried to retrieve it and then it turned into a crappy situation.