Joey Bricks

CHTZ - Joey Bricks

Our resident metal head HTZ-FM roadie got himself a gig on the radio. On top of getting sent to do silly stunts, and making you fill out prize ballots at HTZ-FM events, Joey Bricks kicks it on air weekdays with cohost Adam Ricard. 

  • This Poor Guys Hammer Fell Off So Science Made Him A New One!

    This is a wild story about a man losing his member because of a freak illness... luckily science has come to his rescue.. and before you ask.. yes he asked for a bigger one. 
  • 2 Words: Botched Castration

    If castration is absolutely necessary, and I cant imagine why it would be, but if you absolutely need one go to a real doctor. Some guy you met on the internet who says he can do it for you cheap is not the guy to go to. If you're gonna cut corners fine but don't cut corners on your castration. Also it's Arnold Schwarzenegger's birthday. That's unrelated to the castration. 
  • Joey vs a Bee, Bonehunter & Bad Seeds

    Busy Afternoon Delight for you today. Joey has issues with a bee but Adam has had enough of Joey bad mouthing bugs! Plus people are finding unsolicited seeds in their mailboxes and they are BAD NEWS. And finally.. Bonehunter. Thats all you get. Bonehunter. Enjoy.