Joey Bricks

CHTZ - Joey Bricks

Our resident metal head HTZ-FM roadie got himself a gig on the radio. On top of getting sent to do silly stunts, and making you fill out prize ballots at HTZ-FM events, Joey Bricks kicks it on air weekdays with cohost Adam Ricard. 

  • YEAH BUDDY - The Time Adam Almost Died On A Movie Set

    YEAH BUDDY is back with Ashleigh and Adam this time around Adam thinks Ashleigh uses Facetime to show off her fancy clothes during lockdown, would you date someone your dog didn't like? And encounters with movie and TV production including the time Adam almost died on the set of Total Recall.. a movie he had nothing to do with. 
  • Woman Plans To Stream Birth Of Child Live On OnlyFans For $10,000

    This woman in the states claims shes willing to stream the birth of her child on her OnlyFans page for the low low PPV price of 10,000 Pounds.. so even more than the title of this post suggests. Would you watch? 
  • YEAH BUDDY w/ Ashleigh & Adam - Bad Tattoos, Climate Change & Cannibals

    The buddies are back and they're talking Bad tattoos, including Adam's particularly horrible efforts. Climate change and the weird documentaries Adam watches about the topic. Aliens, Cannibals, Space Junk and banging celebrities. Join Ashleigh and Adam for more nonsense.