Kingston Police warn of texting scams

A Kingston police vehicle

Kingston Police are warning the public to be aware of the latest scam making its way through the area, which uses text messages to trick victims. 

Police said while email scams have been more top of mind for the public in recent years, scammers are now able to send text messages for phishing scams known as "smishing," short for short-message service (SMS).

The texts are made to look like they come from popular cell phone providers and warns of a security alert before it sends a link to validate your account with a threat it will be disabled if not. 

The link leads users to a fake website that looks identical to their cell phone providers page, where attackers will be able to take over the account if users put in their login information. 

There are a few ways to protect yourself, according to police, which include holding the link before opening to see the webpage, only logging in through the browser on your phone or computer and not through a suspicious link. They also recommend to never use the same password for multiple accounts.