Fall Out Boy Contributes $100K To COVID-19 Relief


The members of Fall Out Boy have given $100,000 U.S. to a COVID-19 relief fund in their native Chicago.

“It’s important to us that we give back and support the community and local heroes who are on the frontlines any way we can,” said bassist Pete Wentz, in a release. “No act of kindness is too small right now.”

The donation to the Chicago Community COVID-19 Response Fund, which helps “individuals and families disproportionately impacted by COVID-19” in the city, came from the Fall Out Boy Fund.

Wentz said there are other ways fans can help during the crisis.

“Check in with the people you love. Support the businesses you love if you can,” he said. “Stay vigilant and hopeful. Everyone is affected by this, and we win by coming together and thinking of the world as bigger of ourselves.”

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