Kingston residents clean-up after Saturday's severe thunderstorm

Residents of a Kingston west-end neighbourhood spent Sunday cleaning up their cars, driveways and properties following a major storm that left roads flooded.

All Munya Stenman could do was watch the water rise outside her home on Lombardy Street Saturday evening.

“It was like it was off a movie, I felt like we were in Florida or something, it seemed surreal that it was our street,” says Stenman.

Residents could be seen in social media videos swimming and wading their way through the street that sits near Bath Road and Gardiners Road.

Environment Canada tell CTV News Ottawa that between 50 and 65 millimetres of rain fell in a two hour period, starting around 7 p.m. Saturday. Severe weather meteorologist Rob Kuhn said the storm stalled over the city as it moved through the region.

It left just under 4,000 people without power for hours after the storm passed, according to Hydro One.

Lombardy Street bore the brunt of the weather event.

“It was raining really heavily, then all of a sudden we could hear the hail hitting against the house,” explains homeowner Craig Spencer.

“Dark clouds, they were really low hanging clouds... it was quite a storm.”

Several vehicles were damaged on the residential street, where residents say the sewage system became overwhelmed.

“It started coming down really hard for about 45 minutes,” explains Stenman. “It was unbelievable. The water was up to our knees, people were swimming in the street.”

Stenman says the water reached her house, pushing up against her garage doors.

While her house was mostly spared inside, her two cars wouldn’t start Sunday morning.

Steven Hickling’s three cars, too, were submerged.

“I lost two tires, because I was changing the axle on my boat. I don’t know where they are,” he explains. “Yeah, stuff was just floating in the street.”

It was not just flooding that caused problems on Lombardy Street Saturday night, high winds were an issue for the Bobbyk family, whose house sits just west of where the flood ended.

A neighbour's tree fell on their two cars, which were sitting in the driveway. Alex Bobbyk was holding their newborn daughter, looking outside at the storm when he heard the noise.

“I heard this loud crack that I thought was lightning, but was actually the tree giving way to the wind, and then the whole top of the tree fell over on top of the driveway and on top of the vehicles.”

“We were super fortunate there wasn't more damage,” says wife Danielle. “You can’t see one of the cars. Like it was fully under a tree.”

While there are no reports of injuries, the clean-up is just beginning.