Kingston students have impressive immunization rates compared to provincial average


Students in the Kingston area earn top marks for their 2018 to 2019 immunization records. 

In a news release Wednesday, KFL&A Public Health said Kingston students have high immunization rates compared to the provincial average. 

Over 95 per cent of eligible seven-year-olds were up-to-date with all immunizations required for school attendance—the highest recorded immunization in the province. In addition, four per cent of 17-year-olds in the area were up-to-date with all immunizations, well above the provincial average of 72.3 per cent. 

"We want to acknowledge and thank our community for this achievement, especially the incredible support that we have seen from our primary care providers in the area who predominantly administer these vaccines," Dr. Kieran Moore, Kingston's medical officer of health said in a statement.  "Without this support we would not achieve and maintain high immunization coverage in our area which is essential for the effective prevention and control of vaccine preventable disease."

As children return to school, it is important to keep immunization coverage rates high to protect against serious illness and vaccine preventable disease outbreak, KFL&A added. 

-- From News Talk 580 CFRA's Samantha Pope