Mixed feelings about UCDSB plans to proceed with streaming classrooms online

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As students, parents and teachers gear up for the start of the school year, trustees with the Upper Canada District School Board have mixed feelings about plans to proceed with streaming classrooms online.

This comes as close to 40 per cent of remote students have requested an exemption from that option.

The number of remote learning students is now at 4,675, with 1,805 of those students withdrawing from synchronous learning.

Though all students will still learn the same curriculum, the exempted students will not participate in real-time class instruction. Instead, they will be in a virtual classroom with teachers dedicated to these remote students. 

Addressing privacy concerns, superintendent Susan Rutters said at a UCDSB meeting this week that children in the classroom will not be videotaped unless parents have provided permission for that to happen.

Children who do not want to be videotaped will not be on camera and only those who approved to be in the online group will be able to have access to the lessons. 

Small clusters of UCDSB students will return to school on Sept. 11 and will gradually be joined by other groups of students until everyone is in the classroom on Sept. 15. Meanwhile, the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario will begin on Sept. 8, with all students back in class on Sept. 10. 

-- From News Talk 580 CFRA's Samantha Pope