Pembroke Mayor plans to organize a diversity roundtable to discuss racism


A diversity roundtable will be organized by Pembroke Mayor Mike Lemay to address racism and discrimination and racism in the region. 

This comes after teenagers assault an elderly woman in Pembroke on Aug. 20, throwing a rock at her head and yelling racial slurs. 

In an announcement part of his weekly address to local residents, Lemay said he was saddened to hear about these recent events. 

"This incident demonstrates the need for us to work harder to promote welcoming values and show our residents that acceptance of all is the only way forward," he said. "(It) demonstrated actions and values that are not reflective of the city we are working to create."

The granddaughter of the woman who was assaulted, Cindy Tran, will be particapting the roundtable. Lemay added he and Tran are in the process of reaching out to people of colour from diverse backgrounds in the community to be part of this initial conversation.