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  • Heebies Jeebies

    October 10 - 31 - Dates and times vary.
    53071 La Salle Road | 1 KM South of McGillivray Blvd - Winnipeg
    Enjoy the haunted corridors where you’ll walk though the most-frightening over 45,000 square feet you’ve ever encountered... Or linger outside with your fellow scaredy-pants, where there’ll be food, fireworks and photo ops. The haunt consists of four mazes. They vary in length from 8-12 minutes each, while taking years off your life. Plan for 1.5-2 hours for the full experience.
  • The Color Purple

    Royal MTC - John Hirsch Mainstage - Winnipeg
    Experience the joy of humanity in the musical adaptation of this enduring tale of the American South. Journey with Celie as she forges improbable friendships, dares to love and inspires those around her with humility and compassion. Soaring on the notes of a soul-raising Grammy-winning score of jazz, gospel, ragtime and blues, The Color Purple will leave you breathless.
  • The Ride Inside

    Manitoba Hydro Building | 350 Portage Ave - Winnipeg
    Grab your friends, family, colleagues and very best costumes and #gearup to put the brakes on cancer. Join Us! This event is truly a “party with a purpose” featuring great music, wacky costumes, and an energetic environment guaranteed to make people pedal harder… and have fun doing it!

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