Beat BOB's Bank!


Winnipeg’s biggest cash game returns, and we want you to take ALL of our money! But hoping you’ll still be able to cover our rent next month, if that’s cool.

Starting Tuesday, September 3rd, listen weekdays at 8:40 am, 1:40 pm and 4:40 pm for your chance to score your share of over $40,000 in cash & prizes! Wait for the cue, then dial 204-780-4BOB (4262) or text BANK to 204999 to play.

Standard message rates apply for text entry requests.  

If you’re one of our lucky contestants, you’ll have the opportunity to open bank vaults one-at-a-time. Each vault will contain an increasing amount of cash, along with the potential for a few bonus prizes, which you’ll get to keep as you collect it. Open as many vaults as you can – but don’t open TOO many, or you’ll trip our alarms, which means you’ll need to return everything you’ve earned! Then your online credit score will be affected, and your friends will invite you to less parties.

Okay, there’s a ton of pressure! But there’s a lot of fun to be had as well! And money! Don’t forget about the money!


‘Beat BOB’s Bank’! Buying your love since 2002!


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