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Listen to more 80s, 90s & Whatever using voice assistance like Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple Home.

How to get 99.9 BOB FM on Google Home

99.9 BOB FM is now available via Google Assistant on phones and smart speakers like Google Home.
You can connect to us at any time with a command such as "Hey Google, play Ninety-Nine-Nine BOB FM."


How to get 99.9 BOB FM on Amazon Alexa

Listen to 99.9 BOB FM on your Amazon Alexa…

  1. To configure your Alexa to play 99.9 BOB FM, simply say: “Alexa, enable Ninety-Nine-Nine BOB FM”.

2)  Then just ask Alexa to “Open Ninety-Nine-Nine BOB FM”


How to get 99.9 BOB FM on Apple Homepod
To connect to 99.9 BOB FM on your Apple Homepod, simply say "Hey Siri, play me Ninety-Nine-Nine BOB FM.”