Sask votes: These 12 constituencies remain too close to call

The Saskatchewan Party and its leader Scott Moe will form a majority government as determined by Monday's election, however there remain 12 constituencies that were too close to call as of Tuesday afternoon.

The provinces first preliminary count took place on Monday after polls closed at 8 p.m.

"We'll be counting the advanced poll ballots and the election day ballots along with the personal care facility ballots that have been collected as well. That's the first preliminary," Michael Boda, Saskatchewan's Chief Electoral Officer, said. "The second preliminary actually begins the second day after the election,. And that's when we begin the process of counting all those ballots that were those vote by mail ballots that were received by 8 p.m. October 26."

Boda said it may take several days to count these votes while mail in ballots continue to arrive by mail.

The following constituencies are still too close for the CTV News Decision Desk to call:


Saskatchewan Party: Alana Ross – Leading (49.1 per cent, 2,393 votes)

New Democratic Party: Nicole Rancourt – Trailing (44.5 per cent, 2,171 votes)

Mail in ballots: 568

The NDP is the incumbent in this constituency, making it a gain for the Sask. Party.


Saskatchewan Party: Mark Docherty – Leading (50.5 per cent, 2,652 votes)

New Democratic Party: Noor Burki – Trailing (41.9 per cent, 2,202 votes)

Mail in ballots:806

Mark Docherty is the Sask. Party incumbent in Regina Coronation Park


Saskatchewan Party: Muhammad Fiaz –Leading (49 per cent, 3,781 votes)

New Democratic Party: Bhajan Brar –Trailing (41.5 per cent, 3,205 votes)

Mail in ballots: 2,674

Fiaz is the incumbent in Regina Pasqua.


Saskatchewan Party: Gary Grewal - Leading (51.3 per cent, 3,232 votes)

New Democratic Party: Yens Pedersen - Training (41.5 per cent, 2,617 votes)

Mail in ballots: 1,270


Saskatchewan Party: Tina Beaudry-Mellor – Leading (48.8 per cent, 2,573 votes)

New Democratic Party: Aleana Young – Trailing (45.4 per cent, 2,395 votes)

Mail in ballots: 1,814

Beaudry-Mellor is the incumbent MLA in Regina University.


Saskatchewan Party: Derek Meyers –Leading (47.8 per cent, 2,700 votes)

New Democratic Party: Kelly Hardy –Trailing (35.5 per cent, 2,005 votes)

Mail in ballots: 1,191

The Sask. Party is the incumbent in Regina Walsh Acres.


Saskatchewan Party: Lisa Lambert – Leading (53.5 per cent, 3,045 votes)

New Democratic Party: Dave McGrane – Trailing (41,8 per cent, 2,380 votes)

Mail in ballots: 2,055

The Sask. Party is incumbent in this constituency.


New Democratic Party: Matt Love

Saskatchewan Party: Chris Guerette

Mail in ballots: 1,555


New Democratic Party: Vicki Mowat – Leading (53 per cent, 3,199 votes)

Saskatchewan Party: Manny Sadhra – trailing (40.1 per cent, 2,418 votes)

Mail in ballots: 908

Vicki Mowat is the incumbent in Saskatoon Fairview.


Saskatchewan Party: Rylund Hunter – Leading (49.3 per cent, 2,805 votes)

New Democratic Party: Ryan Meili – Trailing (47.8 per cent, 2,722 votes)

Mail in ballots: 1,656

The NDP is the incumbent in this constituency.


Saskatchewan Party: Marv Friesen – Leading (51.1 per cent, 2,661 votes)

New Democratic Party: Ashlee Hicks - Trailing (45.8 per cent, 2,387 votes)

Mail in ballots: 920

The NDP is the incumbent in this constituency.


New Democratic Party: Jennifer Bowes –Leading (49.9 per cent, 2,414 votes)

Saskatchewan Party: Eric Olauson – Trailing (47.7 per cent, 2,309 votes)

Mail in ballots: 1,296

Olauson is the incumbent in Saskatoon University.