Two kittens rescued by RCMP dog find loving family

RCMP said the kittens have a date with a vet in their future. (Source: Manitoba RCMP)

Two kittens found nearly frozen to death by an RCMP service dog two years ago, are now thriving with their new family.

RCMP took to Twitter Monday to announce the two cats, Finn and Jewel, are now living with a loving family despite a harsh start to life.

In December 2017, RCMP shared that a service dog "Hix" was on an exercise along a dirt road when he picked up on a scent, leading the officers to the "near frozen" kittens.

RCMP tweeted on Monday the kittens were adopted shortly after the incident.

Although a little mischievous, police said both are extremely affectionate.

Remember these 2 abandoned, near frozen kitties found by PSD Hix? Both were adopted by a loving #rcmpmb family shortly after & have been thriving ever since. Finn (the bigger one) listens well & Jewel is the more mischievous one, yet both are extremely affectionate. #MBMonday

— RCMP Manitoba (@rcmpmb) January 13, 2020