Chuck D on Social Justice Honours Award, his activism and the IMPORTANCE of making your voice heard!


Chuck D of Public Enemy talks with Jamar McNeil reminiscing about his career ahead of his Social Justice Honours Award at Canadian Music Week on June 9. Leader and founder of legendary group Public Enemy, and part of the supergroup Prophets of Rage, Chuck D is a social activist, author and digital music pioneer. The New York Times has named Public Enemy’s music to their list of the “25 Most Significant Albums of the Last Century” and in 2005 The Library of Congress included Fear of a Black Planet in a list of 50 recordings worthy of preserving that year in their National Recording Registry. Hip Hop pillar, Chuck D, looks back on his raptivism throughout his career, gives advice to the new up-and-coming generations of artists and discusses the importance of fighting the power and not letting the forces that be shut their message down.