Decorating CHRISTMAS Ornaments with Shawn Desman | His Amazing Comeback, Drake, "Maniac", Traditions


The Wonderful Shawn Desman sits down for an interview with iHeartRadio's Shannon Burns and decorate some Christmas Ornaments!

Shawn Desman about the OVO Show that re-ignited his already legendary career, meeting Drake, and how he changed his life!

Shawn Desman walks Shannon through what the Shawn Desman sound is in 2022, and rewriting the song with Alyssa Reid!

Shawn talks about perhaps expanding the family business of performance with the next generation of Des-man's, and walks us through the classic Shawn Desman Looks!

Shawn Desman tells us about the original phone calls that got him in to music that he thought were a scam!

Shawn Desman tells us about his role in the now classic film shot in Toronto Honey.

Shawn Desman tells us about the ultimate couple goals with his wife - and they've been together since he was 12 years old!

Finally, Shawn Desman tells us about his family Christmas Traditions!