Three Days Grace on 'So Called Life', Dealing w/ Social Media Trolls, and new album 'Explosions'


Matt and Neil from Three Days Grace site down with iHeartRadio Canada's Jesse Modz to talk about their new song 'So Called Life' and the meaning behind the lyrics, having everything bottled up inside you and needing to explode. Three Days Grace talk about what they've been doing over the pandemic - and what their 2022 plans with Godsmack looks like! Neil talks about having Matt slipped seamlessly in to the role of lead singer, and how the band had thrived with their expression of honesty, and how that honesty has always connected with their fans.  Neil tells the hilarious and unique story about how Matt joined the band! Three Days Grace talks about brushing off 'egg profile' trolls on social media - and they even have a % number of how many people are haters and trolls. Explosions, the new album from Three Days Grace is out May 5!