TIFF 2022: Lido Pimienta on LIDO TV, Working w Nelly Furtado, and Being the Colombian Larry David?


Lido Pimienta sits down for an interview with Shannon Burns to talk about her new show premiering at #tiff2022 - LIDO TV,

Lido tells us what inspired her to create the show, how she learned the skills to pitch and develop a show - and what makes LIDO TV so unique!

Lido Pimienta tells us how she ended up with collaborating with the iconic Nelly Furtado on the show, Kittie, and the extremely talented Bear from The Halluci Nation.

Lido talks about her incredible work ethic, how creating gives her joy, and what she wants her legacy to be.

Lido Pimienta talks about standing up for what she believes in, standing up for a healthy planet - and discusses Alex Jones coming after her in the past.

Finally, Lido explains in what way she is the Colombian Larry David!