What's Sean Paul's FAVOURITE of HIS songs? Working with Shenseea, Gwen Stefani, Linking up w/Drake


Sean Paul sits down for an interview with iHeartRadio's Jamar McNeil to talk about his legendary career, what he was looking to do in the DanceHall Reggae and Pop genres.

Jamar shouts out Sean Paul's ability to get people out on the dancefloors across the world before the two talk about Sean's newest record "Scorcha" his collabs with Shenseea, Gwen Stefani and so many others.

Jamar tells Sean Paul about the Drake Canadian All Stars show - and Sean Paul admits he doesn't actually know Drake!

Shawn Paul Gifts Jamar some SCORCHA Hot Sauce, and Some Cannabis 

Finally, Sean Paul lets Jamar know what his favourite of his own songs are!