Amateur Alex 101.3 Virgin Radio host

Amateur Alex

Morning Show Host

Some will ask me, “Hey Amateur, where did you get your name?”

Amateur Alex has been my name in radio for almost a decade now, but I didn’t choose it. Some legends will tell you that my name came to be because I’m just not very professional…

But let’s squash those rumours!

I currently work as a Co-host on Virgin Mornings, but I’m also looking at an emphasis in video games at home. I don’t usually take advantage of playing games these days with twin daughters at home though. I have a fiancée who will remain my fiancée for years, most likely.

I also play drums in my spare time. My neighbour rang my doorbell the other day at 3AM, can you believe it? Luckily, I was still up playing the drums. BING. BANG. BONG.