Chris Palliser

Chris Palliser


Raised in Victoria Chris is an island boy through and through. After radio took him away for 15 years, with stops in Alberta and Virgin Radio Vancouver he is glad to be home and knows he will never leave again! Yup….we’re stuck with him.

Loud is the most used word to describe Chris by his close friends and family and talking too much is also a strong skill or a terrible curse for Chris, it really depends who you ask.  He also gets distracted easily, so shiny objects are not allowed in the studio. Chris is also determined to be the next Tik Tok viral sensation but can’t seem to break the 47 follower mark, advice? As you can tell he doesn’t take life too seriously and just wants everyone to have a good time!

Reach out to him anytime, @chrisjpalliser and have a great day! :)