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Mandy Wood


I’ve been having a blast working at Cat Country since 2001, and co-hosting the Cat Country Morning Show with the awesome Rod DeViller since 2008.

Random Mandy-Facts

  • I’ve been married to my best friend, Brett, since 2010
  • We have two cats – Moka & Setzer – and they are our babies
  • I keep a tire gauge in my purse
  • I almost lost an eye to an exploding campfire marshmallow
  • I love bass fishing – but never catch anything
  • My favourite card game is '45's
  • I can spend half an hour in the cleaning supply aisle checking out the scents
  • I like cold pasta and cold peanut butter toast
  • I'm double jointed in my fingers
  • I probably read every The Baby-sitters Club and Sweet Valley High book back in the day
  • I sing all the time but have never, and will never, do karaoke. Too chicken!