Pam Kirby

Pam Kirby


Hello it’s me you are looking for… The mouth piece keeping you company during a night shift or while you’re putting in a “shift” resulting in the use of a sick day because you are too hungover. Hell, I’ll even call your boss if you REALLY want me to. Lol  Lessons learned the hard way, simple pleasures and hard truths #SorryNotSorry

To ensure we get off on the right foot there’s a few things you need to know about me:

  • Falling asleep in public places is a hidden talent of mine. Seattle at a Mariners baseball game in the middle of Safeco Field AND in a bathroom stall at a casino in Las Vegas.
  • I’ve travelled to Australia, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Japan, Thailand, USA, Jamaica, Mexico, just to name a few places. Dining on scorpions on Koh San Road in Thailand to skydiving in the Las Vegas desert to visiting a mermaid strip club in Auckland New Zealand. 
  • Worked as a hostess at the 2010 Winter Olympics. Allowing me to witness in the flesh first hand Canada taking home the GOLD beating out the USA. Both men’s and women’s hockey. 
  • Studied theatre in post-secondary, did NOT attend radio school and somehow ended up “smack talking” for a living. 
  • Make a reference to the show “Friends” it will not only go over my head but I will block and delete you out of my life #TeamSeinfeld. 
  • If Watersliding was considered a professional sport, I’d retire from radio. 

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