50 Cent Offers To Help With Pop Smoke Album Cover


50 Cent offered assistance to fashion designer, Virgil Abloh with the cover of Pop Smoke's studio album. Abloh caught criticism after the album artwork hit the web earlier in the week, and fans felt the creation was disrespectful to the late rapper who died less than 5 months ago.

Abloh explained that the cover was inspired by his final conversation with Pop Smoke. He said, "This album cover was one of like 5 things we talked about. He mentioned his story felt like the metaphor of a rose & thorns growing from the concrete of his hood in Canarsie, Brooklyn." The post was later deleted.

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday (June 30) 50 Cent offered Abloh a helping hand and posted : "Hey Virgil we need new album art. They ain't going for that BS. Love ya work, let's get to it."

The name of the album will be called Shoot for the Stars Aim for the Moon and is out today (July 3.)